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I guess it’s apropos, since I haven’t written on the blog in almost a month. So here it is:

4 jobs I’ve had:
1. Waitress
2. Box Office Assistant
3. Children’s Theatre Actor
4. Jazz Singer
(and I was once paid to be a nude artist’s model- that was an experience…)

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Holiday (with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant)
3. Bridget Jones’ Diary
4. Singles
(clearly, I am a total girl)

4 Places I’ve lived:
1. Richmond, VA
2. Oxford, England
3. London, England
4. Chicago (greatest town ever), IL

4 TV Shows I Love:
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. The Sopranos
3. Friends (I will watch them again and again and again- and I do)
4. Law and Order SVU
(I also loved ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Carnivale’, may they rest in peace)

4 Places I’ve Vacationed:
1. Greece (my favorite)
2. Various campsite, couches and motels across America (my second favorite)
3. Paris, France
4. Florence, Italy
(and various other European cities, in a whirlwind tour)

4 of my favorite dishes
1. Country Greek Salad from Joe’s Inn in Richmond, VA
2. My Mamaw’s biscuits and gravy- can’t be beat
3. Crusty bread and great cheese, eaten in any outdoor setting, preferably with wine
4. Steak Tacos, from Las Pinatas in Chicago, IL (margaritas are imperative)
(I could list about 50 more of these- what can I say, I like to eat)

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. On a beach, any beach, as long as it’s warm and not filled with drunk people
2. Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Florence, Italy (also must be warm)
3. Santorini, Greece
4. At my stepmother’s house in Annapolis, MD (it’s one of my happy places)

Handoff – well, having a limited number of taggable friends, and seeing that they have all been tagged, I guess teh buck stops here. Oh- I guess I can tag Sarachkah.


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