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more wedding stuff

thanks for the input on the dresses and the place card dilemma (funny to call that a dilemma, considering the state of the world…); i responded to everyone’s advice in the comment section of the last post. as i head off for a few days of family visiting and reception tent scouting, here are some more of my current wedding ideas for you all to chime in on if you feel the urge. watch out- i’m on a roll now!

here are some examples of the style of invitation i want. like i said, my friend jen is a letterpress printer/designer and she’s going to do all of my print work. i love her stuff- it’s really simple and classy and old-fashioned (like moi), and she gives me an extra discount if i run the presses for her, which is actually a lot of fun. our stuff would all be in shades of blue or green, possible with a daisy motif (jen found an old print plate she thinks would be perfect):

these are some bouquets i like. i want to use daisies and blue hydrangea (both of which grow on the farm) and go for sort of a wildflower look. i’m also thinking of putting mint (which also grows ALL OVER the farm) in the bouquet to make it smell nice:

and here are some cake ideas- nothing too wild. i’m more concerned with taste than look (ours is going to be a lemon cake with fresh blueberry filling and vanila buttercream icing- yummy), because cake is just not where i want to spend a lot of dough (pun intended). we’re using fresh flowers (probably daisies again) to decorate, cuz it’s about a million times cheaper than sugar flowers. oh, and vixanne, yes, cupcake cakes are still popular, and i originally thought i wanted one, but i couldn’t find any that looked quite as neat as i thought they would:

yay! wedding planning! only eight months to go! (though i’m not going to go on about this for eight months, i promise…) oh, and synge, as far as bridesmaids dresses go, the color is probably going to be a dark shade of blue- either navy or something the dress company calls “sailor”. i decided to go with the dessy line (which sarachkah recommended) and just let everyone pick their own style. it seems pretty reasonably priced and there are a lot of different designs, so everyone should find something that makes them feel pretty but doesn’t break the bank.

the thing i’m most excited about is having all of my very favorite people in the world together in one of my favorite places in the world. that’s what i’m really looking forward to (well that, and a kick-ass open bar with fresh margaritas and mojitos for five hours along with an i-pod full of all of my favorite dancin’ tunes- woo hoo!).


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lightening the mood

okay, no one reads my blog, i get it. or, if they do, they are too depressed by the content to comment, i get that too. i have no exciting dating life, adorable baby pictures or mucous plugs with which to draw in the readers, therefore i am making a switch. i am not promising that i will never again talk about death or fear or abortions- i gotta be me- but i am now adding wedding planning to the mix- a significantly more upbeat topic.

so settle back and breath easy; no death talk today. today is wedding talk day.

for those of you who i haven’t told, we have set a date- Saturday June 24th, 2006. all of the wedding activities will take place on my grandparent’s farm on the eastern shore of maryland, and all of you are invited. (well, most of the people who read this blog are invited…you know who you are…if i haven’t met you in person or seen you in the last 10 years, you’re probably not invited, sorry)

i have already gotten a lot of planning stuff started, because i hate my job and have a lot of free time to surf the internet and read wedding porn. i have a caterer booked (who will also do the cake and act as a day-of-event manager), an officiant (my stepmother, who is a judge), my bridal party chosen (including synge, naturally), we’re using an i-pod for the music (a method i tested to much sucess at R’s wedding), and, of course, we have the property reserved (being that i own 1/8th of it). i’ve booked a block of hotel rooms at the local comfort suites and researched all of the local b&b’s; a good friend of mine who own’s a letterpress printing company is going to do the save-the-dates, invitations, programs, etc.; we’re making our own favors; and i am thinking that i may want to do the flowers by myself too, with a lot of help from my crafty and talented aunts. i am meeting with the rental company to go over rental and tent needs on tuesday and going dress shopping in november- though i think that i already know which dress i’m going with.

probably either this (with a blue sash):

or more likely this (with light blue or ivory detail):

the second one is the front runner- i know you can’t really see it from the picture, but it looks great on- very curvy and trumpet shaped- and the ribbon detail on the back looks really cool when it’s bustled. the greatest part is that both of these are BRIDESMAID dresses, which means they only cost around $300. i am still going to go out and try some more on, but i already love both of these and i know that if i keep looking for too much longer i wll fall in love with some $1000 number that would blow my budget out of the water.

that’s my wedding news so far. J is being wonderful and wants to help and be involved as much as possible. he just started a second job to save up because he insists that he wants to pay for half of everything, even though i insisted that my dead folks left me plenty to foot the bill (oops! i guess i just can’t do a post without mentioning the DP’s at least once). now all i have to do is pray for sunshine and start hitting the gym. and about a million other details that i’m sure i haven’t even considered yet.

oh, and kristoise and MAH (if you’re reading), in reference to the post on MAH’s blog, do you really think that i need placecards for everyone at the reception? we’re doing a buffet dinner and not having any specifically designated time to sit down and eat- more of a mingling atmosphere. we’re not expecting more than 90 and everyone should at least know several people they could sit with besides me and J- is it too terribly improper to ask people to seat themselves?

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a day in a life

yesterday was a beautiful day in chicago; temperatures were in the low seventies with a slight breeze, bright fall sunshine, and a perfect blue autumn sky. in the morning two of my friends woke up with very different plans for the day. one got up early to catch a plane to miami to begin her three day honeymoon with her new husband. the other woke up around nine in order to make her eleven o’clock appointment at planned parenthood to have an abortion.

i spent the bulk of the afternoon before work wandering in the park and thinking about the distance and closeness between these two significant days. both women faced the day with the man who shared their position, men they love, though differently. each woman will most likely remember the day for the rest of her life, though one was starting down a path, while the other was choosing not to follow the map. both are truly adult actions, the kind i still have a hard time imagining myself old enough to experience. both are very concious decisions on how each of these women want to live their life; neither is a better or worse decision (though, in the eyes of many people, they represent the two opposing ends of the scale of social acceptablity).

thinking about my friends’ days, i felt an odd mix of sadness and hope. sadness for the loss of innocence and the frightening ineveitability of adulthood; i cannot protect or prepare either my friends or myself for the whirl of emotions we are bound to experience over the next few months and years, or the highs and lows we are each bound to face. hope for what is still to come for each of us, for the support and love that they had going into their respective days, and which- hopefully- we will all have for the many other wildly divergent days to come.

i love these women. i champion their choices, and am glad that they each had the chance to make them. i hope that women can always make such choices, and do so always with love and support.

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this sunday my friend R got married. R and i have been friends since the first day of college, some 12 (!!really?!!) years ago, and while that is less than the 16 years i have known many of you, my small but important group of blog readers, that is still a long time. R is a part of my everyday life, she has been for the last six years, and we have very much wandered into adulthood together, both at college and here in chicago. i was MOH in R’s wedding, a job which she will also serve in mine. her wedding was fun and beautiful, and totally ‘them’; the bride and groom were ridiculously happy and in love, and a good time was had by all. i am very very happy for her newly married status- i adore her new husband K, they are a perfect fit, and though i am not a huge fan of his children (they are cute, but they are also spoiled, totally undisciplined and ridiculously hard to control), i know that she loves her stepsons very much and they love her. over all they make a lovely little family.

so why did i wake up the morning after her wedding feeling so depressed?

i feel like i have lost my friend, which i know is stupid, because things will not be any different now than they were for the last three years that she has been dating K, and, on an even more relevant note, i am in my very own happy, headed-to-the-altar relationship. so why the blue mood?

well, here’s what my therapist thinks. we had something of a breakthrough in our last session. we figured out that absolutley all of my relationships are deeply affected and influenced by my fear of death. not just loss, but death. and not my own death, but the death of people around me. this is not really a breakthrough to many of my loyal readers, as i have discussed this before, but we did get more specific with the exact impact of my fears. i am freaked out about everyone around me getting married (myself included) for several reasons: 1. there is a part of me that thinks that anyone would be crazy to put all of their emotional eggs in one basket and count on one person to be there for them for the rest of their lives. i did that with my mom, and look where it got me. 2. being someone who has an extremely difficult time living in the present instead of worrying about the future, i see this rash of weddings as one in a predictable timeline of major life phases- everyone gets married, then they have kids, then some of them get divorced and remarried, then they start to die off. i know this is extremely morbid, but it is just the way my mind works. i guess in a more normal timeline i would include the mileposts of their kids graduating from college, geting married and having their own kids, but my parents didn’t make it that far, so my timeline is a little shorter than most. i guess seeing R get married just reminds me that most of my friends are approaching phase two, which leads to phase three and then- my ultimate fear- to phase four. my therapist has already helped me discover that the reason i put so much pressure on myself to adhere to a strict deadline (funny choice of words) with my own life achievements is because a part of me is convinced that i won’t live longer than my parents did. so in my mind, time is literally running out, i’ve only got 16-29 years left. and even if i do make it further than they did, growing up just puts me that much closer to losing more of my loved ones, and i don’t think i’m going to react so well to that.

which way is Neverland?

man, i need to lighten up. and being obsessed with CSI, a show about random and unusual deaths, is probably not a healthy choice right now. i need to get a more cheerful hobby. maybe i will revisit pottery.

on a happier note, J and i were both approved for health insurance by (my hero) Aetna. so that makes us a little less likely to die young, right? at least now i can make J go the hospital when my hypochondriac death paranoia kicks in.

and the wedding really was beautiful. and a lot of fun. R looked like a princess, the ceremony was short but emotional, the space was fantastic, the food was good, the music was great (my band, i might add, playing instrumental jazz- my boys did good!), and the whole thing went off without even one snafu (well, one of the bridal party members’ leather coat caught on fire in the dressing room- burned a hole right through it- but that didn’t really affect the day). i only hope for such smooth sailing on my own day. though i must say that being a MOH is hard- lots of work and not a cheap job either. i’m glad that R is now experienced in the difficulty of wedding planning; it should make her a supremely sympathetic and supportive MOH for me!

well, that’s my depressing ramble for the day. now i must go write fiction- at least in fiction i actually CAN control death.

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a friend sent me this test that determines your political belief system. as i suspected, i am a social and economic liberal and best classified as a socialist. on their celebrity chart i fall between hilary clinton and ghandi- not a bad spot. i think it’s funny that someone on the opposite side of the chart would be between darth vader and stalin. and there are also apparently also ideologies that would place you between ted nugent and donald trump, or between adam sandler and martin luther king. creepy.

anyway, enjoy. hope none of you fall on the dark side.

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okay synge, here is my shamefully shaggable list, also in no particular order. i hope i did this picture thing right.
and the winners are:

i don’t know why, but i have always found Ice Cube sexy. maybe it’s the gangsta thing. maybe it’s the fact that he’s not a half bad actor, and he is definitely a smart business man, but he’s still also a total badass. who just happens to make kiddie moves and silly comedies. he just such a renaissance man

talent, it’s all about the talent. and PSH has got plenty of that. i can’t wait to see capote. he’s also kind of sloppy/cocky sexy, and that is oddly attractive to me (from a distance).

recently i have been obsessed with CSI, and therefore i think that Grissom is totally hot. it’s all the science talk and his slyly condescending intelligence. and the fact that he’s an entomologist who signs, speaks fluent spanish and just happens to be a sensitive- if somewhat emotionally detached- forensic genius. once again, he’s a renaissance man. ( i think i see a pattern)

i can’t explain it. and i won’t try. burt reynolds is sexy, even as an old man. he’s just is.

how can you mess with a classic? yes, he’s eighty years old, but paul newman will always be beautiful .

i removed mick jagger from my original list because Ice Cube is sexier, and Mick is kind of small in stature which has never turned me on. if i believed in such things as tagging people, i would say i tag sarachkah and vixanne. but i don’t really believe in such actions, so do as you please.

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